Collapse is part of an ongoing collaboration that began by thinking about liveness, deathlessness and the transit between the two. Betbeze and Castagnetto presented an iteration of this work, Endings, Beginnings at The Box LA earlier this year. At Escolar, Evan Green will join on guitar.

Anna Betbeze is a visual artist whose experimental work involves exploration of haptic sensation, arriving at new forms that combine elements of painting, sculpture, performance, and pedagogy. Over the past couple of years, Betbeze has developed a multimodal research project, Touch Workshop. Touch Workshop is a set of experiments to untangle the ideological orientation of the senses, arriving at inverted performances and organized around proprioceptive sensation. The project builds on the tactile research of Czech polymath Jan Svankmajer, his response to the censorship of his work in the 1970s.

Caye Castagnetto was born in Peru, but split time between California, London, and Lima. Working with a host of musicians and artists, Castagnetto developed a collage-like approach to their compositions (music, writing and performances). Their debut album, Leap Second, a long-labored assemblage of samples and song ideas, was released on Castle Face Records in January 2021


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