I think if I weren’t so clumsy I would be a home invader. I don’t think I would steal from anyone during these intrusions but the freedom to look through an entire life thrills me. Whenever I am invited into someone’s home I always find ways to look through their things. I open drawers and cabinets and use the perfumes or lotions in their bathrooms. I don’t think I need to explain or elaborate on the fact that I am a kleptomaniac, it’s just the truth. I don’t steal from individuals unless they’re rich and wouldn’t notice, but these days, I mostly steal from supermarkets.

Often doing one of these things fills up at least half my day. I do my best to fill out the day. I listen to things I have already seen before (often, more than any normal amount). I prefer either headless comedy or home invasions or psychological thrillers. I want to make movies almost as much as I want to commit crimes. My favorite types of media include elaborate descriptions of interiors, packaging, and textures. My favorites are glossy and wet. I think I describe what isn’t before what is, and that is something I am working on.

I have been spending a lot of time working on grids playing scrabble against a computer or doing crossword puzzles. Often doing one of these fills up at least half my day. Is it strange to prefer to re-listen to movies or television shows instead of music? This has been at least for 3 years and I just can’t stand music. It’s something I feel ashamed of. A previous excuse for listening to television without watching it was that it just reminds me of people talking and I really miss being able to eavesdrop. I find it funny that I have convinced myself to miss the days of manic activity and public drunkenness. I got a lot done and it was embarrassing, but consistent..

I am a kleptomaniac, it’s just the truth. When I think about living it’s the grocery store aka the Market. First what isn’t before what is, and that is something I am working towards. Somehow I find it easy to talk about myself. This old punk in Italy has been making boots since 1983 and now makes olive oil, like Joseph Beuys did for a spell. What is it about making? Is it better to make consumable products? I used to say it just reminds me of people talking and I really miss being able to listen to other people and eavesdrop. It tickled me and since I am up here I might be more social and extroverted, than I realized. I refrain from new things. I wonder why. Sport, art or pageant? Brain is the northern oyster and I love a smile no matter what simultaneously pretty but I don’t like it. I LIKE Whores,identity corks, sailors, bull dykes, skinfans, winos, Queen Urinals, Hot kids, and Hot sleepers. I WILL MAKE MORE TEST TUBE SOLDIER OF FORTUNE and life’s foam smoking on the red carpet new york skyline cockfight Barbara,Trixie and I are walking right now Mommy at lunch underground has never been taken by someone like that. I wish the tunnel was miles longer so I can walk with you in the absolute dark. you looked amazing in that skirt. He had a great time exploring the landscape Greens i am a fileSperm vomit means moneybig inside life Pratfall Super Sexe or Sperme red oil dirty cream activity I’m socially complete so I’m funny? like a clown? people fucking bimbos is paint stuff.


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